Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nike Valentine’s Day 2010 Collection.


Brands have been using holidays (large and small) as inspiration for certain sneaker colorways and models. adidas, for example, recently prepared a Superstar II in which to celebrate Christmas. But the shoes pictured here are perhaps a part of a holiday still far away. We bring you shots of a Nike Court Force and Vandal that are rumored as being part of 2010’s Valentine’s Day collection. Both shoes come in a high-top model, with the Court Force upper consisting of both patent leather and plaid. Moreover, the Court Force has a heart sketched onto the tongue- a good indication of the holiday it might be released during. The Vandal also consists of a plaid patterning on both the mid panels and the toe box, with a touch of patent leather lining. If these are in fact part of Nike’s Valentine’s Day collection next year, they definitely stray from the conventional pink/red/white colorways, but is that necessarily a bad thing? How do you sneakerheads feel with respect to these two pairs of Nike sneakers?



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